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Kelluu Unmanned Airships Equipped with AgEagle’s Sensors Take Monitoring to Entirely New Level in Finland


Kelluu offers commercial enterprises and government agencies with data-as-a-service, specializing in monitoring and providing real-time, actionable intelligence on power lines, roads and railways, as well as surveilling and monitoring potential environmental issues associated with forest lands and water bodies across Finland – and soon across Central Europe.

Production of processed raw materials from Finland’s forest lands into sawn wood and paper products is a EUR 15 billion a year market, making it one of the nation’s most vital industries. According to the Finnish Forest Centre, more forest lands were lost in 2022 due to spruce bark beetle infestations than ever before in recorded history. On behalf of its client, the National Land Survey Institute of Finland, Kelluu is leveraging use of RedEdge-P‘s high resolution, panchromatic imager for early stress detection of forests caused by bark beetle infestation at the green attack stage (when trees are yet to show distinct symptoms observable by the human eye).

“Equipped with RedEdge-P, our unmanned airships can fly for hours and surveil thousands of hectares of forest land in a single mission, pinpointing precise locations of early bark beetle infestation for immediate remediation by forestry management companies. In addition to protecting surrounding forest lands from large scale disturbances, Kelluu is now empowered to help save our customers potentially millions of euros due to mitigation of catastrophic tree losses. The RedEdge-P is a superb sensor and does its job well,” stated Jiri Jormakka, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Kelluu.

The RedEdge-P is just one of AgEagle’s leading innovations in aerial multispectral sensor technology. A single camera solution which is compatible with a wide array of unmanned aerial systems (“UAS”) ranging from large fixed wing to small multirotor to autopiloted airships, RedEdge-P captures calibrated high-resolution multispectral and RGB imagery with an optimized field of view and capture rate for efficient flights. This solution seamlessly integrates a high resolution, all-color imager with synchronized multispectral imagers to enable pixel-aligned outputs at previously unattainable resolution.