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Kelluu joins the Digital Defence Ecosystem!


Kelluu, the newest member of the Digital Defence Ecosystem is a designer, manufacturer, and operator of intelligent airships for persistent aerial monitoring. This level of expertise is eagerly welcomed to join our network.  

The cloud-based company Kelluu offers solutions to better imaging silently with proven results. They leverage the newest technologies to provide their clients with high-quality data and autonomous operations. Kelluu’s top-tier airships are energy efficient, and they provide unforeseen quality with their imaging solutions. By joining the Digital Defence Ecosystem Kelluu will get an additional hold of their mission: revolutionizing aerial monitoring.

“We are excited to bring our lighter-than-air platform capability to Digital Defence Ecosystem. Finland's arctic environment brings unique challenges, that we have solved for autonomous perpetual aerial monitoring. The Finnish technology sector, especially in the wake of our nation's NATO membership, is at the forefront of digital defence solutions in the Arctic.” says Janne Hietala, CEO of Kelluu.

DDE’s mission is to create new business growth for both small and large enterprises through strong networks and an innovative dual-use approach. Thus, the addition of Kelluu marks a significant milestone. Their expertise in aerial monitoring, especially in the High North arctic environment, will undoubtedly elevate our strength in supporting collective security.

”Aerial monitoring plays a crucial role in enhancing situational awareness, security, and mission success. Kelluu’s airships provide remarkable monitoring solutions, and we look forward to pushing these strengths further to the defence markets. The synergy created by Kelluu’s inclusion within our consortium will certainly result in ground-breaking advancements and new opportunities for all.” States the Ecosystem Lead of the Digital Defence Ecosystem Jarmo Puputti.