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Kelluu and Terrafame Continue Partnership: Over 20 Terabytes of Data Collected with Emission-Free Airships


Terrafame, the world’s leader in low-carbon footprint battery chemical
production, and Kelluu, an aerial data collection company, have signed a
multi-year agreement to expand collaboration. The pilot phase has resulted in
the creation of a digital twin of the industrial site, which will be regularly
updated going forward. An up-to-date digital twin enables virtual development and real-time monitoring of the site.

The digital twin of the Terrafame industrial site is an exact replica of the actual
area, continuously updated to reflect real-time conditions. Continuous updates to the digital twin allow for the analysis of data and the performance of simulations as if working directly with physical objects. Artificial intelligence is used to analyse large amounts of data, accelerating observations, risk
identification, and decision-making. To date, over 20 terabytes of data have
been collected from the 60 km2 site.

The digital twin and continuous monitoring of the site have enabled real-time
data sharing and situational awareness among Terrafame's employees and
stakeholders. The program can be used effortlessly in a browser and offers an
accurate 3D model of the area, including spectral or thermal imaging data.
From the digital twin, it is possible to monitor traffic flow, the volume of enrichment piles, emissions, and waste generated by the factory. The purpose of the partnership is to keep the area safe, efficient, and maintain Terrafame’s smallest carbon footprint in the market. The visual nature of the data allows for construction to be easily modelled years before the actual construction begins.

The partnership agreement means hiring additional staff for Kelluu to operate
the airship fleet. One person has already been hired in Sotkamo, where Terrafame is located.