It's about airtime

Kelluu Ltd. produces
small, autopilot airships
that can stay in the air
(almost) permanently.

Wait... airships?

Yes, but not like they used to be: gigantic, aimed to carry heavy payloads and people.

We optimized the concept of an airship into a new, compact, high-tech form. Kelluu airships are made from the most advanced materials on the market and can be loaded with 3 kilograms of any modern sensors. Then they continuously move or float in place, collect data and transfer it wherever needed.

We sell information

Kelluu is designed to collect information from its contemporary location.

The ability to collect high-quality data is especially valuable when applied to the energy industry ‒ basically securing the uninterrupted flow of electricity to our homes.

Kelluu provides the world’s energy industry with information about the status of power lines ‒ being the eyes and senses in the distance and giving a heads-up about potential threats. Repairing damages and compensating for power outages is expensive, but Kelluu makes it possible to do well-targeted maintenance well in advance.

The big change is the price: with Kelluu, the essential information is available with only 10% of the cost and a fraction of the carbon footprint of the current power line surveillance methods (helicopters and ground crew). So 90% discount on surveillance costs ‒ we rest our case.

Our high-flying vision

Basically everything that is valuable to be checked from bird’s eye view can be checked better, faster, cheaper and smarter with Kelluu.

Where would you apply it?

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