Frequently Asked Questions

It’s no joke to say that Kelluu was born in a shed.

Our first lab was built in an old agricultural shed, by a curious engineer. The reason for choosing this place was because of the location with plenty of undisturbed test flight airspace. More importantly is was because of safety. No hydrogen could build up inside as the building had some missing windows and holes in the walls. Winter operations in an unheated shed were interesting… But that is another story!

Hydrogen can be very dangerous if not handled properly!

Hydrogen in enclosed spaces is the greatest risk. Therefore we have hydrogen-safe procedures and special premises for airship production and maintenance. Ad hoc buildings are not an option. To ensure safety, we operate all airships from our own facilities.

Hydrogen is a non-toxic and non-polluting gas. It ignites easily but fire generates only heat and water. Therefore we do not have a risk of polluting our environment.

The airships are safe when they fly. Any hydrogen escaping from them rapidly rises high into the atmosphere because hydrogen is over 14 times lighter than air. Therefore there is no flammable cloud of gas surrounding a leaking airship.

The airships compensate for the wind automatically. They just fly against the wind to keep in place. In windy conditions low level flying is limited because of ground turbulence – then we fly a bit higher.

The conditions in Finland are actually perfectly ideal for this project – both weather-wise and regarding aviation regulation. We have developed the airship to operate in Finnish weather conditions with snow, ice and wind. The only nasty weather is freezing rain but we have learnt to cope with that as well.

In Finland, unmanned aviation is allowed, as long as you avoid the obvious no-go zones like airports, nuclear power plants and areas in governmental use. We also benefit from excellent cellular data networks. Finland has several 4G networks covering the whole country. This enables the flow of real time sensor data.

One more reason for our Northern location is that the best airship experts are already here – the best in Northern Europe, at least. And we are determined to attract the rest as well!

Anything within payload limit. The sensors need to be weatherproof in order to be able to handle rain, snow, mist and varying temperatures.

It bounces back. Sharp objects may damage the airship.

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