Is it you we're looking for?

We don't currently have any open positions, but we know that we need to find many airship engineers, prototype technicians, flight systems developers and avionics designers in the future. If you could see yourself in one of these positions in the future, please send a message to us!



In brief, your task is to design airships.

You will become a part of our prototyping team, designing components and complete vessels. You can be a mechanical engineer or an aviation engineer and you have the capability to work in English.

We know you’re one in a million – but so is this chance to join the only airship company in Northern Europe - with exceptionally good conditions for airship test flights and a viable product to be further developed and applied to different industries.

Want to make Kelluu the new standard for surveillance in the sky?


You are the hands-on person of the design team who builds airship prototypes and fabricates tools needed in the development process. You will also be a member of our flight team, conducting test flights with the prototypes.

We expect that you have experience and personal interest in all things mechanical – that is a must. Experience in electronics is a bonus.

So if you solve everyday problems with things you build, you are the one who always disassembles things to see how they work and perhaps you also have a garage full of power tools, a 3D-printer or metal working tools, you name it… you are the type of person we need.

Want to build a different kind of future with us?

Flight systems developers

Your role is to develop airship control software – the brains of Kelluu.

You will work in the prototype team together with the mechanical designers, modifying and augmenting the Ardupilot software for autopilot and flight control, as well as contributing to hardware choices and systems design.

You are also responsible for the vessel’s mobile data connections, to make the very core idea of Kelluu, the situational awareness, possible.

Want to make Kelluu smart?

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